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  • Sinosteel luoyang refractory materials research institute2020Years of graduate student recruit students general rules:

    Sinosteel luoyang refractory materials research institute(Hereinafter referred to as“Sinosteel los resistant to court”)Was built in1963Years,For the original key research institutions directly under ministry of metallurgical industry,1999Years for the conversion of the high-tech enterprises,Now China's sinosteel corporation,China's refractory field the only large-scale comprehensive research institutions,Is China's refractories industry technology、Academic、Information and service center...[Click to view details]

  • Sinosteel luoyang refractory materials research institute co., LTD., post-doctoral scientific research workstation:
    In2006Years5Approved by national ministry of personnel,2006Years9Month10Officially approved。Its main task is to attract、Develop and use the high-level talents,Thorough development and refractory technology cooperation of college and enterprise in the industry,To promote the combination of production,Active research and development activities and promote enterprise competition ability,Through the topic research and development,Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,To promote technology innovation of enterprises and industries and into..[Click to view details]
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Special report Topics
  • “Aluminum electrolysis cell silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide products”Won the national scientific and technological progress second prize[For details]
  • “Large aluminium melting furnace with monolithic refractories development and application” The first prize in the progress of science and technology in henan province[For details]
  • “Iron and steel metallurgy transportation and refining equipment longevity of lining materials and high technology”Won the national scientific and technological progress second prize[For details]
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